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combination story

Finding a Common Thread Among ‘Unrelated’ Symptoms

“Angela,” a tech-company employee and mother of two in her mid-40s, was constantly exhausted, no matter how much rest she got or how many vacations she took. A working mother being tired certainly isn’t out of the ordinary, but this seemed to be an extraordinary case: She suffered from frequent headaches, gastrointestinal pain, alternating constipation and diarrhea, neck and back stiffness and pain, brain fog, and more.


All of that definitely isn’t normal. And while her regular doctor treated each individual symptom, she simply wasn’t finding any sort of consistent relief. Angela came to me after talking to a friend of hers who had gone through similar challenges—and who happened to be a client of mine.

The Likely Culprit

After hearing Angela tell her story, this seemed like a classic case of burnout, an energetic condition that occurs when a person has overextended themselves for so long that the structures of their chakra system begin to degrade. A multitude of symptoms can be present, and while they might all seem unrelated, this breakdown is often the underlying factor.  


I performed a thorough evaluation of her chakra system, and my suspicions were confirmed.

Replenishing and Repairing

We needed to refill Angela’s energies in a very specific way—one that would facilitate the repair and healing of her central chakra channel. I first explained what I had found in my evaluation, and my recommended approach for moving forward. She was very receptive to the work, and also quite relieved to finally have an understanding of what was going on.


The work was just beginning, however. I made sure Angela knew what it would take to truly find relief: Not only would she need multiple sessions, but she would have to commit to shifting some of her workload, giving her body and being the time and space to heal.


This is one of the most common challenges when working to help someone suffering from burnout. Their lives typically are very demanding, and often they are the main point of support for their families. There is nobody else available to take over their responsibilities; otherwise, they would have already tried that!


I tailored Angela’s sessions, and her treatments, with this in mind. Due to the energetic nature of her issue, we initially focused on gems—including gem sprays to use for support between sessions. Then, we complemented that with craniosacral therapy, providing additional physical benefits. Perhaps most important, I helped her understand how her lifestyle and actions were impacting her health.


Lasting Relief

Today, Angela is doing very well—even though she hasn’t been able to reduce her workload at her job, she is taking part in regular sessions to maintain her chakra system. She also has made self-care more of a priority, with the help of her family. 


She is a wonderful example of how resourceful our bodies and beings are—they will do what it takes to keep us going! However, we can do serious harm to ourselves when we override our body’s cries for help. Angela had pushed herself so far that her body wasn’t able to repair itself without extra support and guidance. She hit a breaking point, but happily, she is back on the right side now.

Are You at Your Breaking Point?

If you have multiple symptoms that seem unrelated, or you know you’re burning yourself out but can’t seem to do anything about it, give me a call and schedule a free consultation today. I’ll help you listen to your body and make the necessary adjustments to get yourself back to being you.

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