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craniosacral story

Treating the Cause Instead of the Symptoms

By all measures, “Erica” was in pretty good shape. In her mid-20s, she was fairly active, had only a moderate amount of stress in her life, and didn’t have any significant health issues. So why was she suffering from frequent headaches and stiffness in her neck, upper back, and shoulders? 


Massage and chiropractic treatments provided temporary relief, but Erica was in search of a lasting solution. Understandably, she was very tired of being in pain—it was interfering with her ability to function normally. Ready to try something new, she came to me after receiving a recommendation from her chiropractor.

Gemstone or Craniosacral?

Erica was certainly a candidate for gemstone therapy, but I felt she needed more support physically, at least initially. That led us to craniosacral work. Our first session revealed some strain patterns originating in her pelvis and lower back that were causing the pain in her upper body. Finally, here was the answer: The other therapies weren’t providing long-term relief because they weren’t addressing the core cause of her dysfunction. 


I applied the craniosacral 10-step protocol, which treats the whole body. This gave much-needed attention to the restrictions in the lower body, as well as where she was experiencing the actual pain. Subsequent sessions continued to follow the shifts in her restrictions, until she was no longer experiencing her symptoms. 

Ergonomic Adjustments

Posture and ergonomic changes were also necessary to ensure success and keep Erica pain-free in the long run. These changes often are difficult, because not only does the individual need to adapt, perhaps changing the way they sit or their sleep position, the body itself needs time to adjust as well. 


One key takeaway from Erica’s situation is that every single body is unique. Symptoms that are similar or even exactly the same can have a wide variety of causes, patterns, and/or presentations depending on many different factors. While I have a great deal of experience with the body and various symptoms, I can never assume what the underlying issue is. I treat each person as an individual.


Today, Erica’s neck, back, and shoulders feel great, and she’s on a maintenance schedule for ongoing support—because she wants them to stay that way! 

Is your pain a mystery?

Do you know what’s really causing your pain? Craniosacral therapy can help provide a lasting solution by addressing the underlying cause, not just the symptoms. Call me for a free consultation.

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