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Pocket Rocks - Treasures or Trinkets

A couple of years ago, I walked into a popular metaphysical store and was struck by the rows and rows of polished tumbled and raw stones. They were gorgeously arranged in enticing displays - baskets full of small rocks and crystals with signs on each describing the qualities of each one and how they would affect the person who carried them. People were entranced by these displays and pored over the descriptions while they eagerly looked for just the right one for them. This is not an unusual scenario. There are loose stones tumbled and raw, available in many stores, usually attractively displayed and positioned close to the register. Stores do it because we want our stones, our talismans of power and influence.

I was one of the most eager. I have several bowls around my home brimming with nugget sized crystals and rocks. Once I started seriously studying gemstone therapy, I realized that most of my pretties probably did not have all of the characteristics that were being attributed to them. My encyclopedia of crystal and gem descriptions that I had dog eared and bookmarked over the years, suddenly seemed much less of an authority. I realized their descriptions bore only a passing resemblance, if that, to the qualities and effects I had experienced while working with the higher quality, therapeutic versions of these same stones. Some descriptions were incredibly general and overly inclusive, while others seemed extremely specific, yet so wide-ranging that I couldn't figure out what it was saying.

So what is the truth about pocket rocks? Are they worth the investment people make in them? Will they bring me my true love by charging them on the windowsill in the light of the full moon and wearing them close to my heart? Is it likely my bank account will fatten up if I carry a different one in my purse? If so, sign me up!

However, my training and experience has led me to understand what actually makes a stone or gem influential and therapeutically effective. Let's break it down. Shape and quality are the two major considerations.

To begin with, the shape of the crystal or stone is critical. Gemstones interact with the human energy field therapeutically when it is spherically shaped and with a drill hole - in other words, a bead. In this shape they radiate their energy evenly in all directions. This flow of energy allows a relationship to form between human, (or pet), and the stone. Energy and information is passed back and forth.

When they are in their raw or faceted shape they emit their energy in a single direction. No relationship exists between the two. So raw crystals are effective for filling spaces with their energy. They are wonderful for use in our homes, offices, and other areas where we benefit from a clear and energized atmosphere.

Also, single crystalline points transmit along the length of their structure, providing a focused laser like stream of energy. Other shapes also emit outwardly. However, the fields are irregular and uneven due to the shape of the stone itself.

A word of caution, the focused use of single point crystals can have consequences. This energy flows at you, it does not work with you. I have received many "crystal healings" that resulted in pain and dysfunction until my body could correct itself. At the time, I thought it was my fault, that I was overly sensitive or somehow deficient, that I couldn't receive the benefits that were being offered to me. Not so. I was being radiated with energy that was aimed at me. There was no mechanism to moderate how I was being affected. I was quite relieved when I realized the truth of the situation.

Quality is the other major consideration. There are many different aspects to evaluating the quality of a stone - color, clarity and purity, cut, and carat weight (for precious gems). I am not a gemologist and cannot tell specific differences by looking at them. But my body's intelligence is very discerning and rejects stones that are not of a sufficient quality to be supportive and nourishing. Further, poor quality stones can put the body out of balance by introducing energy that is disruptive and incoherent.

All of this being said, there is great satisfaction in feeling the cool smooth weight of a stone in your hand. The beauty of the colors as the light hits it just right, makes my heart happy. They are the same crystalline structure as their more powerful relatives and contain the same properties, just in much smaller amounts. I recall my gem teacher once saying, and I am paraphrasing, "Even a pocket rock can take you a certain distance on your healing journey."

Indeed, this is where many of us begin our gem journeys. I have a whole display of small, beautiful crystals and stones lined up on the window sill of my study. I love how the light shines on and through them. I've spent many an hour contemplating their colors, textures, and origins. They remind us of and connect us to the wondrous mysteries and treasures of our precious Earth.

If you are interested in working with the gemstones in a therapeutic way, because they truly are amazing in their capacity to support our healing and transformation, contact a certified gemstone therapy practitioner. I happen to know a very good one.

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