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Concerning Sleep

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

"I'll sleep when I'm dead." I recall this phrase from my Navy days, way back in the day. It was an exuberant expression of youth that had way too much ambition to waste time on "unnecessary" things like sleep. We knew we couldn't get away without sleep for too long, but we did our best to extend our waking hours as long as possible. When we had exhausted ourselves beyond our limits, we would sleep long and hard, nothing could rouse us as our bodies took control to repair and recover themselves. That was a very long time ago. Today I covet sleep, marveling at the way I used to be able to sleep anytime, anywhere. Now I am grateful for every night of restful sleep, knowing how precious they are. I know I am not alone.

More and more people, especially the ones who have tried the minimal sleep route, have realized that good sleep is the necessary foundation to achieve all other things. Sleep is core. There is no substitute, shortcut, or hack that can provide the restorative, rejuvenating, life enhancing benefits of a good night's rest.

Because it is so basic to our wellbeing, research and data on the subject is extensive. Go to the doctor, tell them you are having difficulty sleeping and they will immediately hand you a sheet of paper with all the different things you should be doing to improve your "sleep hygiene". If this doesn't work, an individual sleep study may be recommended. They are extremely useful for identifying and ruling out different sleep disorders. Or the doc might write you a prescription for a sleep aid. This is helpful in the short term or when travel has got your schedule skewed. But what happens when that prescription runs out and your doctor balks at giving you more? Or no identifiable sleep disorder can be detected? Let along treated. Wouldn't it be great if you could figure out how to get good natural sleep? And why is it sometimes so elusive?

Sleep - An Energetic Perspective

When we slumber, we connect with our blueprints. What are blueprints? They are our personal template of our ideal self. Everyone has their own, they came with you at birth. They guide us toward the fulfillment of our life purpose and keep us in touch with the highest and healthiest expression of our Selves. When we sleep our physical and energetic bodies are able to access and download this information to be implemented and used during our waking hours. Without this connection we are lacking in that most basic guidance. Disconnection from our blueprints is a significant cause of disease and dysfunction. And one more reason to make sure we get those all important zzz's.

As we slip into sleep, our awareness shifts from our physical bodies to our auras. There is an energetic "bridge" between the two that must be crossed in order to achieve sleep. Sometimes there are blockages or damage to this bridge that make this crossing difficult.

Another major function of sleep is to let go of old, spent and excess energies, and refill with fresh, new, invigorating ones. This requires a body and energy system system that flows well and is relatively free of blockages. When we shed the old, refill with the new, we can awaken bright and shiny in the morning!

The Sleep Cycle

A little bit more about the nature of sleep. All of life is cyclical. All of our processes follow the basic five element cycle - Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal. Rinse, repeat. If any of these elements are deficient or out of balance within the sleep cycle, it can be disruptive to your ability to get the rest you need.

A brief synopsis of the sleep cycle: it starts when you first drift off, nestled warm and cozy in bed. The transition from wakefulness to sleep is achieved. Peak activity is next, the active dreaming REM sleep. Moving into the third stage, where nightly healing occurs. Energies are reorganized, rejuvenated, and restored. Memories are edited and consolidated. Our feelings and thoughts are evaluated and synthesized. That accomplished, we drop into true deep sleep. Finally, the deepest sleep, the pause between cycles where we gather ourselves to begin again.

In general, the sleep cycle averages about four hours in length. If we're lucky we get two of them per night. Everyone's needs are different, some need more, some less.

When all goes well, we spring from the sheets in the morning - refreshed, invigorated, and ready to take on our day. When our nightly respite is troubled, choppy, and fraught, we grumpily drag ourselves from the bed, exhausted and despairing about how we will make it through the day, while chugging a giant mug of java.

So what can you do to support healthy satisfying sleep if conventional methods aren't helping and the doctor's remedies aren't working? (Other than guzzle quarts of caffeine or drug ourselves into oblivion.)

I'll bet you guessed I'm going to say - gemstone therapy.

You're right!

Gems for Sleep

Working with gemstones is a very focused and effective way to resolve the energetic imbalances that keep you from a healthy sleep cycle. Each person's reason for not sleeping is specific to the individual. Gemstone therapy is always about you - no formulaic methods or rigid treatments. It meets you where you're at and responds accordingly.

There are some specific gems used to address the issues associated with difficult sleep. The "Foundation Five", balances the five element cycle. They consist of onyx and ruby, dark green aventurine and tsavorite, rhodonite and pink tourmaline, agate and citrine, and mother of pearl and blue chalcedony. Whiteflash moonstone with emerald is used to repair the "bridge" between the physical and auric fields.

Sometimes we need help dialing down the intensity of the mental and emotional energies that keep the mind racing and the heart churning once its lights out. Ever notice how a dark quiet bedroom invites thoughts of the day to become louder and more insistent? Blue and pink chalcedony with their symbiotic partners calm and soften these thoughts and emotions, allowing us to drift off to sleep and stay there. Amethyst helps regulate the nervous system, whether it's overexcited or depleted.

These are just a few examples of stones that may be involved. I have an entire gemstone pharmacy ready and able to provide support, whatever the need may be. Each person brings their own unique set of issues into a session. By setting the specific intention to support sleep, the energies that need to be supported come forward and then we do the work together. Every session is orchestrated to provide just the right therapy a person needs at that particular time. I couldn't do the same session twice if I wanted to.

If this has been your battle, don't wait for the next time you find yourself cursing the clock as you watch the wee hours of the morning drag by. Make an appointment, or we can set up a free consultation to discuss your particular issue.

Sweet dreams!

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