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How Gemstone Therapy Supports Physical Healing

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

We’ve all been there - an unexplained pain, an unwelcome diagnosis, or just your garden variety sports injury. They come in various shapes and packages, but whatever the situation is, we want relief from our physical dysfunction and disease. We consult our doctor, chiropractor, naturopath, and/or different therapists seeking healing. Including a gemstone therapy practitioner in your team of providers can be an important and effective part of your recovery plan. Here’s why.

We are energetic beings. Yes, we have flesh and blood bodies, but they make up only 1/5 of our total being. The remaining 4/5 is energetic. This is sometimes called the aura or light body. It is comprised of our mental, emotional, memory, and intuitive bodies. They all affect the physical body, and they have their own substance and structure.

We know these are real because we interact and experience them every day. They are integral to our world. But we don’t often think about where are they located. How are they connected to our physical bodies? Can we touch them? How do we know how they affect us physically? As a therapist who is specifically trained to do this, I assure you they are real and yes, you can touch and feel them.

Along with our subtle energy bodies, we also have an energetic templates for our ideal self. These are known as our blueprints. Every person has their very own set of blueprints, unique to the individual. They’re a core part of our being and we cannot damage them, they are incorruptible. They’re like the hard copy of the of computer program you keep in a safe place, in case your computer is compromised and you need it to reload it.


This is how the body knows how to heal itself after being injured or ill. It's how our minds and emotions know how to come to equilibrium. Why you have certain dreams and aspirations that inspire you on you life path. It’s your blueprints that distinguish you from all the billions of other homo sapiens on the planet. If there’s an issue, that’s where you go to know how to repair and heal the situation. We rely on and are in constant communication with the information found in our blueprints. They help us heal and guide us in our forward movement through life.

Sometimes though, we get separated or disconnected from our blueprints. There are many different factors that contribute to this disconnection - excessive stress, relationship conflicts, life events, injury, poor choices, etc. The bottom line is that when we get separated, we are unable to access the information our body needs to heal. It may not happen throughout our bodies, it may only be a portion. That shoulder that never properly recovered from an accident, the irritable bowel that kicks up whenever we get emotionally triggered. The specifics are individual, but it happens to everyone at some point.

When this happens, we frequently end up in the all too common situation of partial or incomplete recovery. We may heal to some degree, but then are easily reinjured. Or perhaps we don't heal at all. When the body loses its map, it doesn’t know how to navigate back to full vibrant health. No matter how good the treatment is or how much we work at it, if we have lost the connection to our blueprints, some level of dysfunction remains.

Gemstone Therapy

Sound gloomy? It doesn't have to be, there is help. The type of gemstone therapy that I practice has the ability to remedy this situation and get us back on the path towards full healing. Specifically, medicinal quality gemstones, applied in certain ways, have the ability to recognize where we have lost touch with and then reconnect us to our blueprints. When we have access to this vital aspect of our energetic selves, other therapies and treatments, can be effective and we can truly heal!

Not only do these gemstones reconnect us, which is quite amazing, but they are powerful partners in the continued process of healing. Gemstones support rebalancing, clearing of old spent energies, replenishment of vital new ones, and harmonization of various energies throughout our being. There is a wide

array of healing gemstones available that support the totality of our being - every physical body system and tissue, every level of our light body.

If you are interested in finding out more about how gemstone therapy can support you on your healing journey, I would love to connect. I offer free consultations to determine if this work is a good fit for your situation. I look forward to supporting you as you move toward greater health and wellbeing.

In health,


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Mar 02, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I have been working with Kathy for some time now. She is a powerful woman and has been instrumental in helping be get back to my natural being and energy path. When I let down my walls the healing came. Without Kathy's compassion, expertise, gentle care and heart, it would have been a much different journey. She has been a tremendous blessing to me. I have always believed in the power of stones, Kathy has proven their potential to me.


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