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Creating Change: 4 Tips for Setting Powerful Intentions

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Intention setting. Is there anything left to say? In my 20 plus years in the healing arts I have been hearing about intentions in general, non-specific ways for most of it. Until I began studying gemstone therapy, the concept felt abstract and not really connected to the nuts and bolts of real life. So much so that I usually tuned out when anyone would talk about setting intentions. It was another pollyanna way to generate more positivity that didn't feel like it had real substance. I wanted something practical and concrete to address the issues in my life.

All of that changed when I started working with the gems. It was then that I learned what intention really is, and how incredibly powerful and fundamental it is in supporting our healing.

We are vast, complex energetic creations - multidimensional, multifaceted, multilayered conglomerates of light and sound. When we focus our awareness with intention, on a specific aspect of ourselves or our situation, the energies related to that aspect come forward, and those that are not involved recede. This allows us to focus our efforts and create change with specificity. It's that simple.

When I began to work with this principle in gemstone sessions, I noticed how the energies followed intention. By changing only the intention, the entire focus and flow of a session would shift in an instant! I began applying this concept more broadly - I became much more conscious of where and how I was showing up in other areas of my life. From the microcosm of a single session, to the macrocosm of life, the concept and the mechanism is the same.

But back to gemstone therapy…

The clarity of your intention when you receive a gemstone therapy session, either in person or at a distance, is one of the biggest factors in supporting an effective outcome. How do you set clear and effective intentions?

Things to consider:

1- It’s the purity of the energetic that counts. Grammar and sentence structure are not the critical pieces. If you’re having trouble distilling it down using words, try letting go. Allow your intention to well up from within you, filling your field with the vibration of your focus. Words are not always necessary.

2 - Leave out the background story. It only muddies the energies.

3 - Intentions are for you only. We only have power over ourselves. You cannot set intentions for someone else, nor can you change other people.

4 - Set your intention with the goal in mind. Trust that your higher self will handle the details of getting there. As much as we try to know and understand all the permutations and intricacies of our situation, there are things beyond our comprehension and capacity to know.

I have seen one word, soulful intentions support deep change. I have also seen detailed, reductionist, intentions struggle to connect to the core essence, remaining in the shallow end of the vibrational field. Neither is right or wrong. The work will still be supportive and meet a person where they're at. Not everyone is ready for big change. Sometimes little bites around the edges are what's needed before the big stuff can happen. But spending a little extra time in preparation can make the difference between a transformative session and one that is so-so.

Intentions work

Whether we realize it or not, intention works.

There is a single intention that still stands out for me. It was a woman who was very aware of herself, very confident and accomplished. She was also dealing with a very difficult life issue. I can still remember her words exactly, "To get out of my own way."

That session resulted in a complete realignment of her field. She left with a beautific smile on her face, completely at peace. That taught me more about intention than all the how-to articles I have ever read.

Intention is the North Star of a gemstone therapy session. The beacon by which the body and all of its intelligence centers navigate while in that space. By spending a little time and effort getting focused and clear about it, you can ensure that you will be getting the very most from yours.

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