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Trust Leads to Transformation

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Despite his best efforts "Paul" was unable to truly move forward from the emotional issues that had plagued him for years: He was unfulfilled with his work, had undergone a painful divorce, and felt that he just couldn't let go.

He had also hit a wall with his therapy: no matter what he did he seemed to be stuck in place. Paul's therapist referred him to me, feeling that some energy support would help him push past this particular block.

Skeptical, but intrigued

Paul was intrigued by gemstone therapy - and also a little skeptical. How could these little stones make a meaningful difference in his life? Still, he trusted his therapist and decided to give it a try.

When we first met, it was very clear that he had a great deal of awareness about the issues he was facing. Including his therapy, Paul had devoted significant time and effort to understanding why he was where he was.

Understanding doesn't equal healing though. It doesn't automatically mean you can let things go. So while Paul knew what his challenges were, and really wanted to get through them, he didn't know how. Fortunately, this is where gemstone therapy really shines.

Letting go of old baggage

I felt Paul was carrying around mountains of baggage, and I knew that gemstones would help empower him to clear out this old stuff - lifting a weight and clearing a path for progress.

During our initial session, we talked for quite awhile. I wanted to be sure he could understand how the gems worked, and also let him know that his higher self was in charge, not me. I am merely the practitioner: while I support a person's process, I don't decide what it is that needs to be done or how it gets done. Each client's body and energy provide guidance on what to do. With that clarified, he was quite enthusiastic to have his session.

Trust is vital with all of my clients, but this particular situation really made it clear: If Paul had not placed his full trust in me, and in the therapy, the gem energy likely would not have penetrated deep enough into his system to effect the changes he was seeking. No amount of skill can compensate for lack of rapport and trust. It's a sacred thing.

Moving past the mind

Once Paul felt comfortable and informed, he was able to relax and let the work proceed. Most of his life was spent focused on his mental space, but there's much more to human existence than the mind! He called his very first session "life-changing," and reported feeling light and free in a way he couldn't fully explain.

It took several sessions for all of the change to be integrated, and now Paul is in "maintenance mode"- he comes back for sessions whenever he feels needs a little extra energetic support. He continues to work with his therapist, and I'm happy to report that he has a new job and is starting a new romantic relationship.

Do you need help getting unstuck?

Even if you understand your challenges, it can be hard to move past them emotionally. Gemstone therapy can help! Call (425) 786-7482 to set up a free consultation and get your life moving forward again.

Note: To preserve anonymity, this is a composite blending of true details from several difference individuals. They accurately reflect real issues and results.

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